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The Future of Design
Minimalist, sleek build and one-touch button. OYeet NEX is pleasing to the touch and the eyes. The button is ringed with colorful lights which flow and change in time to battery level, adding a little mood to your move.
Unparalleled Portable.gif



Unparalleled portable.

Ergonomically fits your hand. Wherever you go,

OYeet NEX travels with you in style and comfort.


1.3 Ibs


Unparalleled Portability


Unparalleled Portable Mini Travel Case

60% smaller than average massage devices travel pouch, mini travel pouch is slim and sleek, provides lightweight protection to store and carry your OYeet NEX.

NEXPower Technology™
NP35 Motor
A new level of professional performance, not only for professionals.
100% Metal Dual-Shaft
Instead of using plastic shaft like other average massage devices, which last than one year. OYeet NEX implements 100% metal and two shaft allows as heavy duty as 600 mN.m torque, yet 30% longer life usage.

240 min battery life 30 days sustained run time

Thanks to NEXPower Technology™, OYeet NEX implements 4x 1650mAh battery packed in slim body provides highly efficient battery life.

Spend 10 min every day to relax your muscle and calm your mind,

OYeet NEX can run up to 30 days without plugging in.

Self care anytime anywhere.

Core-less Charging Stand

4 hours Fast Charging

USB Cable Charging

Compatible with any laptop any power bank

4 Easy-to-Clean Attachments

Designed for specific treatments


Greater surface area to start
with and narrow down pain points.


Live on Indiegogo

40% OFF with the Super Early Bird Price on Indiegogo

The Next Generation Massage Gun